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Antes de saber com quem você se comunica, vale ressaltar que as torcedoras cuzmaltinas são as mais lindas do planeta. Confira nas fotos.
Before you know with whom you are communicating is worth mentioning that cuzmaltinas cheerleaders are the most lndas woman on this planet. 
Check out the photos reproduced by www. and www.
This is a blog dedicated to the research of the history of Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama, founded in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil, on august 21, 1898, four young practicing rowing - Henrique Ferreira Monteiro, Luís Antônio Rodrigues, José Alexandre D' Avelar Rodrigues and Manuel Teixeira de Sousa Júnior - in honor of the portuguese explorer discoverer of the sea route to India. 
Until 1915, Vasco da Gama only competed in rowing. From the following year when he joined the football, it became one of the most admired clubs in the country, for its stance against social injustice.
 Currently has one of the largest Brazilian twisted. Nacional champion on four occasions, the Vasco team also has conquered continentel title on two other occasions, and various international . 

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